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Well-equipped Dental Clinic Providing Preventive Dental Care Services in Oshawa

At Colborne Family Dental, we provide the essential preventive dental care you need to maintain excellent oral health. Using the latest technology and techniques, we will develop an oral care plan that suits your needs. We are equipped with the latest equipment and well-skilled staff to provide you with preventive dental care in Oshawa. Call today to schedule your appointment with our family dentist in Oshawa.


Our services include:

Regular Periodontal Therapy and Exams

We work to prevent and recognize the early signs of gum disease with routine exams and treatment of the tissues surrounding your teeth.


Oral Cancer Screening

As partners in your oral health, we will regularly check for signs of oral cancer. Our goal is to detect oral cancer in its early stages to give you the best possible chance for a cure.


Intraoral Camera

Our use of intraoral cameras helps you, the patient, see what we see, allowing you to make informed decisions about any treatment plans we recommend.

Digital X-Rays

Our use of digital x-rays allows us to get a clear, immediate picture of your teeth and tooth structure while exposing you to significantly less radiation and discomfort when compared to the conventional x-ray method.


Digital Panoramic X-Ray

With digital panoramic x-ray technology, we can get the whole picture of your oral health. This method is fast, safe, and easily adjustable so that we can get an accurate picture of your unique dental anatomy.


Fluoride Treatment

Our team is committed to helping you maintain a healthy smile. Regular fluoride treatment as prescribed by our dentist will go a long way to preventing tooth decay.



As part of your routine preventive dental care, polishing will help clean and smooth your tooth's surface. This keeps bacteria from sticking to them and gives you the upper hand in maintaining good oral hygiene at home.


Chipped Tooth?

Do not worry! We can restore your tooth to its natural form and enhance your smile.

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