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Restorative Dental Care Services in Oshawa for a Beautiful Smile

Safe Amalgam Filling Removals

Our facility allows us to safely remove your amalgam fillings and replace them with natural-looking composite fillings. Be sure to see us if you have concerns about your amalgam fillings.

Crown and Bridgework 

We typically place crowns after a root canal or large filling. If you have a tooth with significant damage or decay, a crown could be the right solution to preserve the tooth and protect it from further damage.

A beautiful smile is everyone’s desire. Don’t restrain yourself from smiling or laughing just because you have chipped or damaged teeth. Your smile can be restored quickly at Colborne Family Dental in Oshawa. We offer a range of restorative dental care in Oshawa so that you can smile brighter and better. The restorations that we offer are natural-looking and offer you a smile that is your own. We also provide minimal sedation for patients who experience dental anxiety. If you are in need of restorative dental care, call to book your appointment today.


Our restorative dental care solutions include:


Composite Resin Restorations

Most patients who require fillings are given composite resin fillings that present a more natural, true-to-life look and feel while remaining durable and long-lasting.


Partial Dentures

If you have experienced tooth loss, our partial denture service could be the right solution for you. Partial dentures can restore functionality, helping you to eat and speak with ease, and smile with confidence.


Minimal Sedation - Nitrous Oxide

Our clinic offers minimal sedation, which will allow you to relax and have an anxiety-free dental care experience. Typically, these sedatives are taken by mouth and eliminate the stress and discomfort of IV sedation.



Tooth sensitivity does not have to be a painful part of your everyday life. Talk to us about our desensitization service to reduce or eliminate nerve pain so you can enjoy the foods you love.


Protective Appliances

Whether you play active sports professionally or for fun, let us help you protect your teeth with a custom-made protective dental appliance.


Sleep Appliances

Do you grind or clench your teeth at night? Find relief from morning jaw pain and potential tooth damage with a dental sleep appliance made just for you. See us for your custom night guard.


Looking to Get a Tooth Implant?

We undertake surgical procedures such as root canal therapy, implants and bone grafting.

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