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Protect Your Teeth with Our Range of Protective Appliances in Oshawa

Teeth grinding can be a nightmare. Teeth grinding or clenching is often referred to as bruxism. It mostly happens during your sleep, but sometimes people unknowingly clench their jaws during the day too. Bruxism affects the quality of your sleep and can increase stress levels. Sensitivity to hot and cold fluids is one of the first signs of bruxism. It can also cause chronic jaw pain, earaches, or headaches and migraines. At Colborne Family Dental, we assess your mouth for signs of bruxism, recommend protective appliances to relieve your symptoms and protect your oral health. Visit Colborne Family Dental for a range of protective dental appliances. We offer a range of protective appliances in Oshawa for patients troubled with teeth grinding and snoring.


We offer:

Snore Guard

Is snoring preventing you or your loved ones from getting the quality sleep they need? If you are experiencing poor sleep due to snoring, a custom dental appliance could be the solution for you. Designed to keep your jaws and airway properly aligned, these appliances can reduce or eliminate snoring.


Sports Guard

Whether you play sports professionally or for pleasure, it’s always important to protect your teeth. Our custom sports guards will help to protect your teeth from impact injuries.



A nightguard can help you reduce or eliminate the effects of grinding and clenching your teeth while you sleep. Talk to us about getting better sleep with a custom-made nightguard.


Brighten Your Smile

We can help restore your smile and confidence using cosmetic procedures including aesthetic bonding and contouring.

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