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Reliable Dentist in Oshawa for Good Oral Health

At Colborne Family Dental, your oral health is of utmost importance to our dentist. Whether you wish to maintain your oral health through regular treatments or need cosmetic treatment to get the smile you have always wanted, our team will work with you to determine the best course of treatment. So, if you are looking for a reliable dentist in Oshawa to help you, book an appointment with us today!


Our dentist believes that beautiful smiles radiate vitality. They help in turning an awful day into a bright day. So when your smile needs help, trust only an experienced and skilled dentist. Dr. Amita Bajwa and her team will ensure that you get the best possible oral treatment in Oshawa. They make sure that every procedure is completed beautifully, comfortably and precisely.

Creating Beautiful Smiles

Our highest priority is to provide you and your family with a lifetime of oral health and comfort. By using updated technology and preventive dentistry, we keep you and your loved ones safe from all forms of dental health issues.


When you regularly visit your hygienist and dentist, you protect yourself from tooth loss, toothaches, and expensive future procedures. Our preventive services are designed to help you maintain your natural teeth, gums, and jawbone for as long as possible.


At Colborne Family Dental, Dr. Bajwa and her team will treat you like family. They educate you about at-home care and help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Modern dental practice.

Regular Cleanings and Exams

We are Oshawa’s preferred dental clinic for regular oral checkups. You and your family will get the following regular services from us:

Oral cancer checks
Digital x-rays
Panoramic x-rays
Safe amalgam filling removals
Root canal treatments
Simple and surgical extractions
Periodontal therapies
Crown and bridgework
Crown elongation
Composite fillings
Partial dentures
Woman in dental clinic

Restorative Dental Care

Safe amalgam filling removals
Crown and bridgework
Composite resin restorations
Partial dentures
Minimal sedation - Nitrous Oxide
Protective appliances
Sleep appliances
Portrait of female black dentist in dental office. She standing at her office and she has beautiful smile.

Surgical Procedures

Root canal treatments
Simple and surgical extractions
Bone grafting
Minimal sedation - Nitrous Oxide
trying her new dental appliance

Protective Appliances

Snore guard
Sports guard
Dentist checking patient's teeth

Cosmetic Dental Services

Adult orthodontics (6 Month Smile!)
In-office and take-home whitening
Aesthetic fillings and contouring

Safe & Hygienic

We are working harder than ever to keep our office space sanitized and safe every single day.

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