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What to Look for in Your Toothpaste to Prevent Dental Cavities?


For more than 60 years, sodium fluoride has been used to aid in preventing dental decay by including it in toothpaste. Historically, the use of sodium fluoride toothpaste has been proven to be highly effective for the treatment of dental caries, as well as an important part of it carries a risk management system.

More recently, however, the inclusion of stannous fluoride in toothpaste formulations has been shown to provide multiple oral health benefits in addition to those found in our regular sodium fluoride toothpaste.

Although stannous fluoride was found to be more effective in both preventing dental decay and reducing plaque toxicity, hence showing improvement in gingivitis issues, it was previously in an unstable form. This caused it to be not suitable for use in toothpaste.

More recently, scientists have found a way to stabilize stannous fluoride, thereby allowing it to be used in toothpaste alongside sodium fluoride.

Benefits of stannous fluoride:

  1. Prevention and control of dental caries.

  2. Reduces plaque toxicity.

  3. Improvement in periodontal bleeding sites associated with gingivitis.

  4. A decrease in the amount of erosive tooth wear

  5. Control of hypersensitivity

  6. Control of bad breath

Today’s acidic diet continues to be a leading cause of dental wear for patients. It has been suggested that brushing with toothpaste containing stannous fluoride has shown to decrease tooth wear or abrasion.

In another study, it was shown to be beneficial in the prevention of dental erosion as it provides a coating against acid attacks on both enamel and dentin.

Each toothpaste has its own benefits, but from current studies, it seems that toothpaste containing stannous fluoride will provide multiple oral benefits to patients and maybe something our patients should discuss with me and put into use in their daily hygiene routine.

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